Terms & Conditions of Attendance


The following firm guidelines have evolved from experience, to give reassurance about our concern for the nature of the event and the welfare of the participants.

E We cannot allow this Congress, which has participants from all traditions, to be used as any sort of platform for converting or recruiting others to onefs faith or belief.

E We exclude the denigration of any other faith or belief.

E We exclude speech or conduct which seems primarily political and goes beyond a helpful identification of religious freedom issues.

E Consequently, there are rules about the distribution of literature: there is a limit of two free publications giving an organisationfs point of view, provided that they do not contain material which is contrary to the spirit of our Congress.

Indemnification & Insurance

By making payment after this registration procedure, you agree to indemnify the IARF against any loss, accident or illness that might occur during, or in the course of travel to or from the Congress.

The organisers of the Congress do not provide any insurance, and do not take responsibility for participantsf health and safety- therefore, participants are urged to obtain coverage with their insurance provider before travelling.

*note: This registration form is subject to change.